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Care Instructions

  1. Take apart bottle parts wash with soap and warm water daily
  2. Wash all the parts by hands or you can wash and dry them in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  3. Place all the bottle parts on a clean paper towel or dish towel,
  4. Always wash your hands thoroughly before handling bottle parts

Usage Instructions

  • Place your hand and index finger under the tip for support.
  • Place tip in the corner of patients mouth for optimal comfort.
  • Begin twisting clock-wise for water release.
  • Secure screw at the bottom of bottle.
  • Twist counter-clockwise until first groove indicator is present for full amount of water usage.
  • The Emico bottle best operates when liquid is filled directly in the hydration cup.
  • When hydration cup is under running water , you might have water in the rotation body. Unscrew the thumb screw to release the liquid.