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Keep patients hydrated and nourished with Emico’s patented bottle. Seniors who are cognitively impaired with agnosia & apraxia due to dementia can benefit! Our unique design which facilitates a natural, safe drinking response encourages better fluid intake. 

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The Emico Bottle triggers cognitive instincts for those who have trouble drinking. Use the bottle with any liquids: water, soups, milkshakes and more.

If you care for a patient that has challenges with dehydration or with the consumption of water, juice or liquid-based foods, the Emico hydration bottle is a perfect solution for you.

The Emico hydration bottle’s patented dispensing design triggers the body's natural reaction to drink fluid. Your patient will have the capability to drink fluids at their leisure or with caregiver assistance for a faster, more controlled pour using the turn grip as needed. The bottle design reduces the risk of hazards and helps make drinking fluids enjoyable once again.

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Why Emico Hydration Bottle?

  • helps patients stay hydrated
  • helps patients remember how to drink fluids (including blended liquids)
  • dispensing tip prompts the drinking reflex 
  • dispenses measured amounts of liquids (10 cc per turn)
  • uses a patented dispensing mechanism
  • dishwasher safe
  • shatterproof
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Caregivers LOVE our bottle - it helps their patients drink fluids!

The EMICO Hydration Bottle was created by Chi Wen Tu, a registered nurse in Sacramento, California. In 2017, she opened a senior residential care home and began understanding the significant dehydration and malnutrition risks had insufficient fluid intake. She soon realized that children with pre-surgical cleft lip and palate were at similar risk. In 2019, Chi created a novel device she named “EMICO Hydration Bottle“ to address these risks, helping these patients improve fluid intake, reduce infection and raise their quality of life.

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Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith was 5 years into her fight with Alzheimer’s and her condition had worsened to the point that she was no longer able to recognize her loved ones or pick up a cup of water or utensil. She has no issues drinking, but due to her cognitive impairment, she does not open her mouth very well and it's difficult to hydrate.
The Emico hydration bottle has solved Mrs. Smith's issues and she is now able to drink freely and has made cognitive improvements.

Mrs. Joan

Mrs. Joan is a 95 year old young lady who has trouble drinking due to her weak facial muscles. She was only able to consume 300 - 500 ml of water daily and was suffering from severe dehydration.
After introducing Mrs. Joan to the Emico Hydration bottle , she was able to consume over 1500 ml a day and her health has greatly improved.

The Creator of the Emico Hydration Bottle

By heritage, my name is Chi Wen Tu. Originally I immigrated from Taiwan and came to America for an opportunity of higher education and to fulfill the American dream. In 1996, I earned an associate degree in nursing, later completing the Bachelor of Science degree in nursing in 2011. After working as a nurse for twenty years, I opened a senior care home in 2017. I incorporated my nursing experience into practice with the goal of maintaining my residents’ comfort and optimal quality of life.

I deeply understood the challenge for seniors drinking enough fluids, especially for cognitive impairment conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s. In 2020, I invented the Emico bottle to help improve cognitively impaired people to help drink fluids in order to meet the body’s requirements and improve quality of life.

What our customers say

“My Mother has dementia and was having a difficult time drinking and was often becoming dehydrated. This led to more serious issues that would cause frequent visits to the emergency room. We tried small sponges with water, frozen grapes and all kinds of solutions, but we couldn't find a a way to give her enough fluids... until we discovered this Emico Water Bottle. It's been a heaven sent and has literally changed my Mothers life. It allows us to easily give Mom water and makes sure that she is drinking enough to stay healthy. I would highly recommend Emico!”

Ryan L
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